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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I order from?

How cool is it that if you have a favorite restaurant, you can now have it delivered! You can order from ANY restaurant in town...

We offer the convenience of pick up & delivery from any restaurant as well as grocery shopping too from any local Grocery Store. There are many restaurant menus featured here on the site to offer you the convenience of online ordering as well as a link with Delivery Deals that include delivery. Please feel free to choose from them or if we haven't added the menu that you are craving please give us a call at 1-877-958-2828 to place your order by phone.

2. If I am calling in an order, do I call the restaurant and then call you.

We make it easy & convenient for you. We handle the entire process for you from start to finish. PLEASE ORDER RIGHT ONLINE... or if you cannot order online or you're having technical issues You simply make ONE call to us at 1-877-958-2828 and tell us What restaurant or delivery deal, The food you want 3. Your Address & in less than an hour a Friendly driver will arrive with your favorite meal(s) from your favorite restaurant...

By taking your order, our dispatchers ensure that your order is placed 15 minutes before a driver is scheduled to arrive & that the driver is able pick up the correct order... is able to check for extras such as sauces, or drinks that you have requested.

3. Should I tip the driver?

Any delivery service charge added on to the food is a company service charge which helps us to keep our service going. That is why we are so greatful when you order with us. It is how we are able to pay all of the drivers for their time that are stationed around town to be on call & ready to go pick up your order. Although they are paid a small per order fee for their time and gas. A 10-15% gratuity or more is customary but it is not mandatory. If you are happy with your service any amount you can afford is greatly appreciated. We appreciate your business & support.

4. Can I pay with cash?

We only accept credit or debit card orders.


If you have any other questions please call us at 1-877-958-2828 or email djames@Justdeliveries.net or jjudd@justdeliveries.net We look forward to giving you an awesome experience.